To live sustainably we must achieve social stability by meeting today's needs
without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. To achieve
a sustainable society we must see peace and justice, and end the segregation
that stand in their way.

There is a dire need to re-think how we, as a society, design and live in our
cities and already developed suburban cores- continuing to develop natural habitat
and arable land is not sustainable.

One of Buffalo's comparative advantages over many overbuilt cities is its
wealth of vacant and underutilized properties, giving us the opportunity to
leap-frog into a sustainable model not yet seen in other urban areas.
Designing to Live Sustainably (d2ls) is looking for exciting and viable ways to
use this wealth to focus on a new vision for what our city might become.

d2ls hosted Imagine Buffalo: A conversation on leapfrogging overbuilt cities...
awards celebration event on May 18, 2013 that promoted, displayed,
and connected the various ideas, designs and strategies submitted, and will
serve to create the groundwork for community engagement in developing
a vision for a more sustainable future for Buffalo.