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To nurture a culture of social, economic and environmental responsibility within the Buffalo Niagara community.

Designing to Live Sustainably 2013 was design competition that sought local, national, and international entrants to select a physical location within the City of Buffalo and to answer the following question: “How would you design a space in the City of Buffalo to promote living sustainably in a neighborhood there, and for the City of Buffalo as a whole?”

Founded in 2009, by Sustainable Earth Solutions President, Dave Bauer, and George Besch of Lucerna Trust/ Trinidad & Tobago, Designing to Live Sustainably [d2ls] is a proud program of Keep Western New York Beautiful and is made up of an emerging vision of change leaders in Western New York.

We strive to inspire the bioregional community to leverage its comparative advantages, optimizing the area's viability as climate change impacts our ecological, social, cultural, and economic health. It is our feeling that the essential and fundamental changes to live sustainably will emerge through an innovative method to inspire public and private citizen action.

Designing to Live Sustainably 2015 moves the focus to similar criteria for the other urban and densely built suburban centers in the Buffalo-Niagara Region with a greater emphasis on the need to prepare the region for the effects of global climate change.

In addition to a new round of competition, d2ls will engage in actions and projects to enhance the sustainability of the bioregional community.

To truly challenge the paradigm we need both old and new perspectives.